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Atticadia Sound is a digital mixing & recording studio in Saffron Walden, near Cambridge in the UK. It started as Simon the Musician’s home studio and was set up primarily, therefore, for multitracked solo productions being built up track-by-track in Logic.

But now Atticadia has somehow morphed into Simon the Engineer’s mixing and mastering studio too.

So as well as doing recording and production for myself, I’m now mostly doing recording and, especially, mixing, remixing and mastering for other local, and not so local, bands and musicians.

So artists/band can send me their multitrack recordings and I mix them into, hopefully, a highly pleasing feast of sonic magnificence.

Now doing Mastering too on a small scale. (The final part of the recording process that adds the radio or CD-ready sheen to your tracks.) Good enough for your stuff to get on the radio – Too Cool Kid was on the Cambridge 105 chart for 20 weeks.

If you’re interested in kit…

I work in Apple Logic Pro X. With loads of tasty plugins from Waves, Eventide etc and the complete Soundtoys set. Outboard preamps and compressors by Focusrite and Joe Meek and, of course, Behringer.


Genelec and Mixcube monitors. Lots of guitars, basses, amps, pedals, percussion, microphones and a couple of keyboards. Real drums plus a digital drumkit which can trigger a fantastically varied suite of top-notch sample sets. In short, nothing mega-fancy, but nothing mega-crap either.

I’ve also fully acoustically treated the studio to provide an excellent recording, mixing and mastering environment. It’s not Abbey Road but it does the job if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re interested in getting some great mixes or remixes of your music, give me a shout.

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